Senior U of R administration under fire

A group of University of Regina professors have started an online petition against their administration calling for a special council meeting.

A group of professors has started an online petition against the administration of the University of Regina, calling for a special council meeting.

The senior officials under fire are the school's President Vianne Timmons, as well as Vice President Thomas Chase.

"We are basically calling for a meeting to ask the question, 'Do we still have confidence in the senior administration?'" said Pierre Ouimet, a physics professor.

They group said the two are not doing a good job in managing the school's budget and staffing.

They hope a meeting will result in a non-confidence vote against both Timmons and Chase.

"We are questioning now what kind of institution we are going to have in the future," said Ouimet. "What will be the method by which we are managed? What will be the direction of the institution?"

In order for the meeting to take place the professors must collect 50 signatures by Thursday. So far they've gathered 37 signatures.