Tim Korman

Staff Sgt. Tim Korman is the commanding officer of the RCMP's Meadow Lake detachment. RCMP said Thursday that an internal Code of Conduct investigation has been launched concerning the commander of that detachment. (Supplied to CBC)

A senior Saskatchewan RCMP officer is off work and under investigation over allegations of inappropriate workplace behaviour.

The RCMP refused to provide the officer's name, but did say the member was the commander of their detachment in Meadow Lake, Sask., northwest of Saskatoon.

CBC News has confirmed the commanding officer there is Staff Sgt. Tim Korman.

"The allegations came to light to our senior management on June 3, 2014 and the member was removed from his command and is suspended with pay right now," RCMP spokesman Craig Cleary said Thursday.

The RCMP also noted that the officer currently under investigation had been the subject of previous allegations.

CBC News has reported about a complaint made ten years ago against Korman by one of his fellow Mounties.

That complaint was made by Laura Lehne, a constable at the time. Lehne is no longer with the RCMP, having left the force following her experience with their internal investigation process.

In 2004, Lehne brought forward a complaint that Korman made inappropriate comments, of a sexual nature, to her.

An internal investigation by the RCMP determined that Lehne’s allegations were legitimate. Five years later, however, an RCMP board of inquiry threw the case out after determining it had taken too long to wind its way through the complaints process.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Lehne declined to talk about her case or Korman.

"I can't comment on my case," Lehne said. "I guess I can say I'm happy there are other members that can come forward."

The exact nature of the current allegations were not provided and RCMP said they will follow their internal processes.

"It is important to note that an RCMP member is entitled to a fair and due process throughout a Code of Conduct investigation and any ensuing disciplinary process," RCMP said in a statement.