Semi-trailer, car collide near Lumsden

Injuries are reported after a semi-trailer truck and a car collide about five kilometres west of Lumsden, Sask.

Occupant of car taken to hospital, RCMP report

Police said the occupant of this car was taken to hospital in Regina for treatment following a crash with a semi-trailer west of Lumsden. ((Kent Morrison/CBC))

Two people were injured Saturday when a semi-trailer truck and a car collided about five kilometres west of Lumsden, Sask.

Police were on the scene and an ambulance had transported the occupant of the car to hospital in Regina, RCMP from Lumsden said. The driver of the semi suffered minor injuries.

RCMP issued a notice of the crash at about 1:30 p.m. CST but did not say when it took place.

The collision was at the junctions of Highways 11 and 54, west of Lumsden. Highway 54 leads north from Highway 11 to the community of Regina Beach.

Police said additional details would follow as investigators followed up, but road conditions Saturday afternoon were challenging. The area was shrouded in fog, winds were strong and the pavement was slippery.

At the scene, the semi-trailer was on its side in the ditch. The car was heavily damaged, especially its back end.

Westbound traffic in the area was reduced to one lane.

Lumsden is about 30 kilometres northwest of Regina.

One person was taken to hospital following a collision between a semi-trailer and a car. ((Kent Morrison/CBC))