Truck crash near Balcarres, Sask.

This fuel truck was one of two vehicles that crashed on Highway 10 near Balcarres. (RCMP)

A highway crash involving a fuel tanker and a semi-truck caused traffic problems Wednesday but didn't result in life-threatening injuries.

It happened early in the morning on Highway 10 east of Balcarres, Sask.

The driver of the fuel tank was taken to Pasqua Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, the RCMP said. The driver of the semi was taken to the hospital in Fort Qu'Appelle with minor injuries.

RCMP said they're still investigating what happened.

They were warning drivers on Highway 10 between Melville and Fort Qu'Appelle to expect delays as tow trucks removed the damaged vehicles from the highway.


Crash near Balcarres, Sask. skpic

A truck spilled its cargo on the side of the highway after a crash involving a fuel truck Wednesday morning. (RCMP)