Regina City Hall is testing out a new security swipe system for all employees — and it also has implications for visitors to the building.

Employees will need to swipe security cards to get past a gate and to their work stations.

And visitors who want to take an elevator into the office tower will be screened before being issued visitor passes.

'It isn't driven by any specific incident.' - Karen Gasmo, director of facility and management services

City of Regina spokeswoman Karen Gasmo said the change is in keeping with the level of security in other office towers in the downtown. 

"It isn't driven by any specific incident and it's been a project that we've been planning for several years," said Gasmo, the city's director of facility and management services.

The new security procedures are undergoing testing right now and will take effect on April 2.

Andrew Reddekopp, who was screened before he visited a planning official Wednesday, said he could understand why the change was being implemented.

"I think it's a good idea," he said. "I know there could have been some incidents in the past that could have been prevented if these measures were in place."

Over the years, City Hall has been the scene of a few security breaches.

Notably, four years ago a naked man in a distressed state managed to make his way into then-Mayor Pat Fiacco's office on the top floor. 

More recently, security had to intervene in the city hall lobby after debate about the sewage treatment plant boiled over. 

And earlier this year, police were called in after former mayoral candidate Chad Novak refused to leave a particularly heated city council meeting.

City officials said despite the new security measures, the public is still welcome.

They said City Hall is a public building and people can still go there to conduct business and see their respective councillor or the mayor.