The roof of an ice rink in the remote Fond du Lac First Nation in northern Saskatchewan partially collapsed on Sunday, but no one was inside at the time.

Coun. Marilyn Fern said she thought the cause was an accumulation of snow on the roof, which is made of thin tin, as are the walls.

The rink was locked up this weekend, Fern said, but that wasn't the case a week ago — there was a hockey tournament and the rink was full of people.

RCMP were asking everyone to stay clear of the building, and Fern said the First Nation had some security personnel on site to also keep people away.

Fern said another councillor brought up the idea a month ago to have the snow removed from the rink roof.

The front end of the rink is still standing, she said, but officials are watching it because there is a power pole in front and the local sewage treatment plant is nearby.

The plan is to get a backhoe to the community to bring down the rest of the structure before someone gets hurt, Fern said.

Time is working against the community, since the ice road to Fond du Lac, 700 kilometres north of Saskatoon, closes on Tuesday. After that, the only way in is by air.