Garden lovers in Regina are getting a peek into some private spaces this weekend during the 20th annual Secret Gardens Tour this weekend.

The self-guided tour, also described as a "pilgrimage" is a fundraiser for New Dance Horizons.

Maitland McNeil's garden

The tour is a fundraiser for New Dance Horizons. (Shauna Powers/CBC)

This year is the first time Maitland McNeil's garden in the Hillsdale neighbourhood has been featured on the tour. At first he didn't think he was ready to show off his garden to the public, but he spent hours getting it ready. And working in the garden, for him, is a "state of euphoria."

"I worked all my life inside in a windowless office under fluorescent lights with a pile of paper here and a pile of paper there and I love coming out and being in nature."

Maitland McNeil's garden

This is the most recent in a series of gardens McNeil has created as he's moved to new homes. (Shauna Powers/CBC)

Besides being outdoors he also enjoys the creativity that goes into planning a garden space.

And there's the social aspect.

"I enjoy showing it off," he said.

Maitland McNeil's garden

McNeil says he chose rounded borders to complement the square angles of the house. (Shauna Powers/CBC)

He looks forward to explaining some of the terracing techniques he's used for irrigation with visitors.

The Secret Gardens Tour began Saturday and runs Sunday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Maitland McNeil's garden

McNeil says he loves the creativity involved in planning a garden. (Shauna Powers/CBC)