Saskatchewan RCMP say they are still actively investigating the disappearance of Katelyn Noble, a 15-year-old girl who went missing five years ago Monday.

Noble, who was from Mission, B.C., was last seen on Aug. 27, 2007 at a farm just west of Radisson, Sask., where she was living with her boyfriend.

The couple had a fight and Noble left the farm without taking any personal belongings with her, police have said.

RCMP have said they believe Noble was killed. However, her remains have never been found and no arrests have been made to date.

"At this point, we believe she's a victim of homicide. We believed that since Day 1, and we've investigated that in that manner ever since she was reported missing way back in 2007," said Cpl. Rob King, an RCMP spokesman.

Police believe Noble's remains may have been dumped north of Radisson in the Mayfair, Sask., area.

King said their latest search took place in the Mayfair area earlier this month, but with no sign of the teen.

"We're still asking for the public's assistance," he said.

"If they see anything that's unusual on a farmland or something like that — even five years later, things do work their way to the surface potentially."

Leona Noble, the girl's mother, said police have not told her much about the investigation.

"I'd sure like to know why they're still up in Mayfair, but they say they have their reasons," she said.

The elder Noble said friends are planning to search the Mayfair area for her daughter sometime this fall.