Hoping to repair some old and scratchy water slides, some people in Prince Albert are turning to a contest promotion for possible funds.

"The fiberglass on the slides is actually wearing out," Shannon Hurl, who nominated the city in a promotion sponsored by Kraft Canada, told CBC News. "It is actually splintering so if kids ... were sliding down, they would get fiberglass splinters in them."

The slides were in such a poor state that the city closed them down.

If Prince Albert gets enough votes in the Kraft Celebration Tour, the city could win $100,000 to upgrade the slides, which would go a long way to cover the estimated $260,000 replacement cost. Voting is set to end at 10 p.m. CST Tuesday.

"I voted about 700 times, seems kind of crazy, on my phone," Jordan Zapotoczny told CBC News.

Cuts to legs

Jordan Zapotoczny

Jordan Zapotoczny has voted hundreds of times to support Prince Albert in the contest. (Ryan Pilon/CBC)

"When I went last time before it closed at the end of summer last year, I got cut on my legs," he added. "They were from the slides."

Hurl says Zapotoczny is not the only person who is keen to support Prince Albert in the contest.

"I have a friend who broke her foot so I know she's sitting there voting, and I've got another friend who's got some knee issues and she said, 'What else am I going to do?' so she sat there all day yesterday and voted," Hurl said. "I have another friend at the lake who spent twelve hours straight [voting]."

Prince Albert is in the competition with a total of 10 finalists. By making it to the top 10 the city will get $25,000 from Kraft. The overall winner will be announced Aug. 25.

The city has already committed to chipping in $60,000 to fix the slides, which were installed 28 years ago.

"The water slides mean so much to PA and the whole community," Zapotoczny noted. "Because the kids and the adults just like to go there. If they can't afford to go to the lake or go on vacation, they can always go to the water slide."

With files from CBC's Ryan Pilon