Scott Collegiate, a high school in Regina's North Central area, was the scene of a bear spraying incident Wednesday, police say. No one was hurt and two adults, both 20 and not from the school, are in custody.

Regina police said two men entered the school during the noon hour and went to the office where they asked to see a specific staff person. Then, they left the office and while they were walking through the school they encountered two other school staff.

"One of the males made derogatory statements toward one of the staff members and then it is alleged the male suspect discharged bear spray at the staff member," police said in a statement.

The pair then took off, but was pursued by one staff member.  As the chase led out of the school, police officers — stationed in the adjacent North Central Community Centre — heard the commotion and took over the pursuit.

They arrested the two suspects and found bear spray and a knife.