Manor Valley Elementary

Officials say Manor Valley Elementary school in Martensville is bursting with students. (CBC)

Officials from the Prairie Spirit School Division say they are running out of room at schools in Warman and Martensville where students are packed into a growing number of portable classrooms.

"Portables don't allow us gymnasiums and washrooms and libraries and staff rooms," Larry Pavloff, chair of the division school board, told CBC News Tuesday.

Officials have written to the province, seeking financial support so they can meet the needs of their growing communities.

Pavloff noted the division is struggling to find space in Martensville where the Valley Manor Elementary school is well past overcapacity and expected to get even more crowded.

"By next year, we expect to have a total of 20 portable classrooms attached to this school, which has 11 original classrooms," Pavloff said in a recent letter to the government. "Every year, the addition of portable classrooms is disruptive to the learning process because they are not completed in time for the start of the new school year."

Pavloff also said Tuesday that the division's request for new schools has been before ministry officials for several years.

"We've been asking for these schools for three years now," Pavloff said, noting that the province recently announced new schools for the area would be ready by about 2017. "That's about six years of not having schools when we've needed schools."