A company that provides school bus services in Saskatoon and Regina is keen to find drivers in time for the next school year.

First Canada is looking for about 60 drivers between the two cities.  

"We're having a big push on for recruiting," the company's Justin Johanson told CBC News Thursday. "If we don't get enough drivers, we're going to have a big problem getting the students all to school, so it's really important we get the drivers in the door."

Johanson says they want to make sure they don't end up having to deliver students to their schools, late.

"That's our worst-case scenario," he said. "We don't want to have that happen and that's why we're reaching out to everybody, so that we get enough people in the door to prevent that from happening. The last thing we want is to have students waiting, or not being able to get to school."

The bus company has tried a number of recruiting strategies, including handing out flyers on charter buses to the Craven Country Jamboree.

There is a two-week training process for drivers.

Typically, driving a school bus is a part-time job and retaining drivers after the summer break can be difficult.