School begins, but is it 8:40? 8:53? 9:05?

Today is back-to-school for about 170,000 kindergarten-to-Grade-12 students and some parents may be wondering — when does that first bell ring, anyway?

Many Saskatchewan schools have different start times

Today is back-to-school for about 170,000 kindergarten-to-Grade-12 students and some parents may be wondering — when does that first bell ring, anyway?

Turns out it varies.

It's the second year kids are going back to an adjusted school year, where extra hours were added to classroom teaching time.

Many schools have added a few extra minutes to the day, while others already had adjusted school hours for different reasons.

That means schools may have start times of 8:40, 8:45, 8:53, 9, 9:05 or anything in between, depending on the school or school division.

Confused? Parents who aren't sure are advised to call their school or check the handouts they've received through the mail.

They can also find the start times at the school division home page, or the individual school's site. Many schools have links to student handbooks that include the bell schedule.

Meanwhile, Sept. 2 is also a day when many post-secondary school students return.

It's the first day of regular classes at SIAST.

Finally, it's orientation day for students at the University of Regina and University of Saskatchewan. Classes begin on Wednesday.


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