The city of Saskatoon is creating emergency pick-up points for garbage and recyclables in eight neighborhoods.

"This has been a really extraordinary season for us," says Environmental Services Manager Brenda Wallace.

"The trigger for us is when we had all ten garbage trucks stuck in back lanes."

The heavy snowfall this winter, coupled with the spring thaw, is turning these lanes into quagmires. The city is asking many residents to move their garbage carts and blue bins to the front of their houses. But Wallace says, in some areas with heavy traffic or lots of parked cars, this isn't practical.

So it's creating special "staging areas" where people can haul their carts. The city will then send trucks to these spots once a week.

She says, at most, people will have to haul the carts a half block. The city is encouraging people to write down the serial numbers of their individual bins, or mark them in such a way that they can be identified.

Wallace expects this program to last four to six weeks, or until the back lanes become accessible.

The city has identified about 150 locations where they'll use the staging areas. The eight neighborhhods are: Varsity View, Nutana, City Park, Pleasant Hill, Mayfair, Caswell Hill, Westmount and Brevoort Park.