Tenants of a downtown Saskatoon apartment tower say they want the building's American owners to give them a break on rent, after they had to live without heat or air conditioning for months.

Marquis Towers tenants like Deborah Clague said they had no heat or air conditioning in their units since April.

An official with Weidner Investment Services, a Kirkland, Wash.-based company that bought Marquis Towers in 2006, told CBC News the heat was restored in some of the suites on Monday.

But Clague, who had been using an electric floor heater to keep her place warm in recent weeks, said that is not good enough.

"We're not getting basic services that we should be getting," she said Monday. "I don't mind paying that high rent if I'm getting what I pay for, and I'm not."

Clague said she and other tenants want a break on the rent they've paid since April, to reflect the services they did not receive.

The Weidner official would not say whether that's going to happen.