Michael Eklund says he had a great time working on the Hollywood film 'The Call' with Halle Berry, which is now playing in theatres in his home province, Saskatchewan.

The Saskatoon-born actor is known for roles in movies like 'Watchmen' and Al Pacino's '88 Minutes'.

Eklund also had a starring role in 'Ferocious', the last feature film produced using the Saskatchewan film tax credit, which was canceled by the provincial government in a controversial move last year.

'Ferocious' debuted in the province last week.

In 'The Call', Eklund plays the bad guy who kidnaps a young girl.

He says working on a big-budget Hollywood feature is just as challenging as filming on a soundstage in Saskatchewan.

"The work is the same," Eklund said. "Between 'action' and 'cut' there's no difference what kind of set you're on."

Eklund did note, however, that adding star-power, such as Halle Berry, to a film, is a good thing.

Most of all, Eklund said he is thrilled people at home are seeing his work.

"Just having the opportunity to have it in a theatre and show it, that's the whole point," he said. "Getting to entertain someone and having someone see your work, is what we all aspire to."