Residents of a Saskatoon neighbhourhood say a tree is blocking the view of a crosswalk sign. ((CBC))

The City of Saskatoon promises to make improvements to a crosswalk flagged by residents as dangerous.

People who live near the intersection of Clarence Avenue and Cascade Street have complained that a pedestrian crossing sign is partially obscured by a tree, making the trek across the street potentially treacherous.

Residents were so concerned that they took to painting a crosswalk zone on the pavement themselves and affixed reflective tape on light poles to increase visibility.

City officials were initially unwilling to do anything to address concerns and, according to one resident, threatened to fine anyone caught erecting unofficial signs in the area.

But on Monday night, after the issue was raised at a city council meeting, officials promised improvements to the crossing.


Homemade signs, like this one, alert motorists in Saskatoon to a crosswalk. ((CBC))

They said overhead signs will be installed, but they refused to remove the tree.

Officials also received city council's blessing to crack down on homemade signs in areas not approved by the city.

Saskatoon's bylaw on temporary signs will be amended to specifically prohibit signs that could be distracting to motorists.