Saskatoon has put the finishing touches on its curbside recycling program — and now says it will cost $4.66 a month.

Under the plan being submitted to city council next week, starting Jan. 2, 2013, blue roll-out carts will be distributed to all homes that currently get their garbage collected from black roll-out carts.

All recyclable materials can be placed in the carts with no sorting. The city will take a wide variety of materials, including tin cans, pop cans, cardboard, paper, aluminum foil and beverage containers.

Under a contract approved in the spring, Loraas Recycle will do the collections.

Homeowners will find the recycling charge tacked onto their utility bills.

Originally, the city thought it would be $4.33 a month, but it ended up 33 cents higher because setting up the utility billing system turnout out to be more costly than expected.

At $4.66 a month, or $55.92 a year, the cost is considerably less than Regina's curbside recycling program, which will be $91.25 a year when it launches next year.

The plan, which was considered the city's administration and finance committee on Monday, will next go to city council for final approval.