Saskatoon's public school board is looking to chop $900,000 from its budget. ((CBC))

When the Saskatoon public school board meets Tuesday night, it will be talking about chopping about $1 million from its budget.

In June, the board's proposed budget was rejected by the province, leaving a shortfall of $1.9 million.

The extra spending is needed, the board said, to cover an increase in enrollment and pay increases to teachers.

Board chair Ray Morrison said the government has promised to help pay about $1 million of the gap, but the board still needs to find another $900,000.

"It could mean something like scaling back the number of new textbooks we roll out. It could mean reusing some classrooms, not refinishing some parts of buildings as quickly as we would [like to]," Morrison said.

"There are a number of corners we could look in."

The board could also dip into its reserves to cover the costs. One option it doesn't have is boosting property taxes.

Before 2009, Saskatchewan school boards could set their own mill rates, but now the rates are set by the province.