Saskatoon residents could be facing a 5.2 per cent tax increase next year, according to a preliminary budget released Wednesday.

For the owner of a typical home with a market value assessment of $200,000, that would result in an hike of $82. School taxes would be extra.

The city's budget includes $425 million for capital projects and $387 million for operating spending.

The city says 1 percentage point of the tax increase will be set aside to improve paved roads. The rest will go  to fire, police and other city services.

Council will have final say on the budget.

This year, property taxes were hiked 4 per cent.

The proposed 2013 tax hike is only an average. Because 2013 is a reassessment year and assessed values are changing, some people could be charged less than 5.2. per cent while others could pay more.