Saskatoon Police were the foils for a comedy routine about casual dress Fridays. (CBC)

Police in Saskatoon say they are not moving to a casual dress code for Friday, after a radio satire said a new policy was in place.

"The national radio show ... claimed to have interviewed a member of the Saskatoon Police Force who spoke of a new policy which would allow all officers to participate in 'casual Friday' dress," police said in a news release issued Monday, referring to the CBC Radio program This Is That. "The Saskatoon Police Service has received inquiries and wishes to assure citizens that it did not take part in this program."

The release noted that "patrol officers are expected to be in uniform seven days a week."

This Is That, which airs Saturday mornings, bills itself as a program that "doesn't just talk about the issues, it fabricates them."

The joke about the Saskatoon police was premised on how officers would kid civilian staff about their casual dress on Fridays. No bathing suits or flip-flops were noted as the only restrictions on the policy as it applied to officers.

"They're having a great time," a fake spokesman for the police said in the pretend interview.

The real spokeswoman for the police, Alyson Edwards, said they issued a news release on Monday because some people had called believing the joke was real.

"The only concern we have really is that we don't want people hearing it and believing it," Edwards said. "We don't want to cause concern for any of the residents in Saskatoon, and we want them to know we don't take our dress code lightly."

Later on Monday, the local afternoon radio program, the Afternoon Edition, took up the theme and did a pretend interview with an official from CBC, suggesting the corporation was implementing a mandatory suit-and-tie dress protocol.