Parkridge development issue

James Yachysh who lives in Parkridge says a new road will make travel safer for anyone that passes through the area. (CBC)

Some people living in Saskatoon's growing Parkridge neighbourhood say they have a problem with how their community is being developed. 

A vacant field in the area is the future site of 176 new residential lots. It's part of the Blairmore Suburban Centre Concept Plan. 

However, a group of long-term Parkridge residents said they want a road built connecting Parkridge to Blairmore. 

They said connecting the two areas with a road would make travel safer. 

"Unfortunately we put upwards of five to six hundred people, so like 300 car trips, through a very dangerous intersection," said James Yachyshen who lives in Parkridge. 

"That is 22nd Street and Diefenbaker Drive. We are having our students go through to their schools, through one of Saskatoon's worst intersections."

Parkridge residents will be going door to door this weekend with a petition asking to get a road built.

They plan to present it to Saskatoon's City Council on Monday.