Brett Bayda, Surprise Her Gifts

Brett Bayda of Surprise Her Gifts says he wants to help out men who are 'really bad' at shopping for women. (CBC)

It happens every few months in the lives of many men — frantically running around to find something perfect for wives, mothers or girlfriends and settling on something that isn't so perfect.

Now there's a new online service based in Saskatoon that promises to wipe away the worry. is an online shop to help men shop for the women in their lives.

"Guys are really bad, the majority of them," owner Brett Bayda said.

"I know most women are sick of guys always coming and asking them what they want. Women essentially want a gift that's a little more thoughtful — they want a man to put a little more effort in."

The website is full of ideas for birthdays and anniversaries.

There are gifts to apologize, spoil and impress. There are name brands, spa days and even a few items from "Oprah's favourites" list.

The company has a panel of women, including Brittany Johnston, to pre-approve the gifts.

"All women are different," Johnston said. "I like things that are brand names and my husband knows that so if he wants to impress me with a good gift, it's one of those things. Or a day at the spa, you can always keep me happy with that."

Even if customers leave it to the last minute, Surprise Her Gifts promises to deliver the same day, either to the home or to the workplace, Bayda said.

"It's kind of that wow factor," Bayda said. "When the girls get that gift, all the women in the office huddle over ... there's a little bit of jealousy there. And we definitely play on that it keeps the shoppers coming."

With Mother's Day around the corner, Bayda expects another surge of orders.

With files from Britainy Robinson