Saskatoon on alert after cougar sighting

People in Saskatoon are being told to be on the lookout for a cougar.

Wildlife experts and policeare warning people Tuesday aboutacougar on the east bank of the South Saskatchewan River neardowntown Saskatoon, after receiving a report from a jogger.

The jogger, who was out along the river trail, said the animal spotted was more than a metre long with the yellow and white colours of a cougar.

The Meewasin Valley Authority, which is in charge of the river valley, says it knows there are cougars living near the city and is warning the public about the possible danger.

The threat is in the forest trails near the river between the University and Broadway bridges, according to Meewasin Valley spokesman Doug Porteous.

"A cougar may attack if it's cornered, if a fleeing human being stimulates its instinct to chase, or if a person plays dead— that's not a good idea," he said.

"Exaggerating the threat to the animal through intense eye contact, loud but calm shouting, anything to appear larger, more menacing… may make the animal retreat."

The warning applies especially to children, who should not be alone on the trails, Porteous said.