Muslims in Saskatoon say their community has grown so much that they need a second mosque in the city.

Right now, the city's Islamic centre is on the east side, at 222 Copeland Cres.

But according to Waqar Younus of the Prairie Muslim Association, the numbers have been growing and there are now at least 100 Muslim families living on Saskatoon's west side.

"I myself live on the west side," he said. "For me to go for a prayer ... you know, I have to travel the whole city almost."

The current mosque is overcrowded at certain times, Younus said.

"Especially in Friday prayer," he said. "It makes things very difficult at this moment."

The Association is eyeing a building for the new mosque, located near Circle Drive and 22nd Street, but has not purchased it yet.

The matter came up Monday at Saskatoon city council. The Association is requesting a zoning change so that places of worship could be allowed in an "arterial and suburban commercial district".

The proposed zoning change will be advertised in the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix. After that, city council will hold a public meeting to discuss any concerns with the public.