A Saskatoon motel clerk had a terrible, terrifying morning — getting hit in the head with a steel bar, then robbed and threatened with a hammer in two separate incidents.

The armed robberies happened at the North Gate Motor Inn on Idylwyld Drive North at around 12:30 a.m. Thursday and again at 4:30.

According to the Saskatoon Police Service, the first time, there were two male suspects, the clerk was hit with the metal bar and money was taken out of the cash register. The clerk wasn't seriously hurt and remained on the job.

The second time, it was just a single robber armed with a hammer. He threatened the clerk and made off his some of his personal possessions.

A third robbery occurred later in the morning at a gas station a few blocks away. A male with a hammer tried to rob the place, but employees wrested it away. He ran away and then took off in a car.

That led police to a room at another motel next door to the North Gate — the Northwoods Inn and Suites — where they found several items from the robberies.

A 34-year-old man was arrested and was scheduled to appear in court Friday.

Police are still searching for a second suspect.