John Perret is demanding better snow-removal on his street to avoid deep ruts from causing damage to vehicles. (CBC)

As winter weather has finally arived across the province, a Saskatoon man is demanding better snow-clearing on his street.

Every winter, John Perret says he watches as deep ruts in the ice cause collisions — leading drivers to crash into parked vehicles.

"We get enough traffic here going through, that as it snows, they form a single lane down the middle of the road," said Perret. "Last year we had about five and a half inch deep ruts that nobody could get out of."

Now Perret and 27 of his neighbours are petitioning the city for more frequent grading, sanding and snow-removal.

"What happened last year was we calculated approximately $40,000 worth of vehicle damage that was off-loaded onto SGI," said Perret.


Deep ruts have caused about $40,000 in car damage last year according to John Perret, a resident on this street.

Saskatoon city councillors passed the request on to staff Monday night.