A Saskatoon man has been forced to keep all the taps in his home running for the entire winter to prevent the pipes from freezing. 

For the past two winters, Travis Williamson's underground water connection has frozen solid, mean no running water for days at a time. 

"You forget about simple things like flushing your toilet," said Williamson. "You need to shower, you can't shower anymore, cooking, there's no cooking in your house, you're kind of left with[out] nothing."

The only way he can guarantee he has running water during the winter months is to keep it running 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

"So frustrating," said Williamson. "You have to sleep with your taps running, there's no real answers as to what's going on, the runaround just to get those answers was ridiculous."

The problem seems to stem from the home's underground water connection being more shallow than normal, making it more likely to freeze. 

The city has replaced its part of the connection with a polyethylene pipe in 1999, but anything on Williamson's property is his responsibility. 

However, he said no one will guarantee that burying the pipe deeper will fix the problem. 

"I still don't think they gave me a proper response," he said. "They're basically saying, this is what you can do, but it's still not guaranteed to fix the problem, and they don't have a guarantee that any work you do to change your piping or insulating your piping is still going to work."

The city said it has done its best to help with the issue. Both years it has brought in steam trucks to thaw out the pipe, and it's currently reimbursing Williamson for the extra water he's using.

For now, all Williamson said all he can do to deal with the sound of running water is drown it out by turning up his TV.