Saskatoon police are warning housing contractors to secure their equipment.

Saskatoon police are warning suburban housing contractors to secure their job sites after five people were arrested in the past week for stealing equipment from new housing developments.

Saskatoon Police spokesperson Allyson Edwards said thieves are often after valuables such as copper wire or tools.

"These are items that are being stolen and can be fenced or sold by the thieves for quick cash," Edwards said, reminding contractors to make sure all their items are secure before leaving a job site overnight.

Construction worker Ray Mouly keeps his tools locked up on site or in the back of his truck, but has heard of others falling victim to theft.

"The builders should put out their own security," he said. "I mean they are saving money not having people robbing them blind."

"It's well known that the city is growing and expanding very rapidly and therefore it presents more opportunity for would-be thieves," said Edwards.