Maura Davies, Saskatoon Health Region

In Saskatoon 77 people are still waiting for transfers out of hospital acute care beds. 

Last week, the city's three hospitals had a major backlog of emergency patients. Officials chalked that up to the high number of people who should be treated in long-term care facilities instead.

Maura Davies, who speaks for the Saskatoon Health Region, says that makes it tough to find available hospital beds for other patients.   

"This problem isn't going to go away anywhere fast. We deal with it on a day-to-day basis. Certainly last week reached record peaks and we had to do something different."

A release from the Saskatoon Health Region says eight long-term care patients were transferred to another unit at Saskatoon City Hospital last week, making more space for “acutely ill patients.” 

Some stable patients have also been transferred back to their home health regions. 

"These people are often frail, elderly [people]. They come in with often complex conditions, more than one particular thing that is affecting their health. And they tend to require a longer length of stay," Davies says.

She says the solution involves more long-term care options, like home care and assisted living