Saskatoon's City Hospital is getting a thorough cleaning after an outbreak of a potentially deadly bacteria.

The hospital has discovered six cases of an antibiotic resistant bacteria called methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA.

Cases of the so-called superbug were all found in the same ward. That has resultedin a majorcleanup ofthe entire hospital over the next few weeks.

Peoplewho work at the hospital or visitare being urged to wash their hands regularly.The outbreakwon'tbeconsidered over until there have been no new cases for two weeks.

MRSA is a highly contagious bacteria that can cause pneumonia and can be fatal for people with weak immune systems.

MRSA outbreaks have been occurring around the world in recent years. Scientists believe society's overuse of antibiotics has helped spawn such superbugs.

Last fall, there was an MRSA outbreak at Regina's Pasqua Hospital, resulting in at least eight people becoming sick.

Sometimes people with MRSA can be treated with antibiotics other than methicillin.