The Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon. ((CBC))

Officials with the Saskatoon Health Region have chopped 20 management jobs as they wrestle with a projected $12-million deficit for 2010.

Officials said Wednesday that six employees were being offered other positions with the region, while 12 managers have been told their jobs are finished. Two of the positions were already vacant.

Officials insist the reduction in staff will not affect service.

"We will use some of our other staff to take on other responsibilities," Bonnie Blakley, one of seven vice-presidents with the region, said Wednesday. "We'll continue to offer the level of services that we had in those areas. It will result in other people having additional workload."

According to the region, the move will save $1.1 million in 2010.

In February, the region announced it was cutting 21 staff members. Most of those were in the human resources department.

So far, all of the job cuts have affected non-union positions, also known as out-of-scope positions.

Blakley did not rule out the possibility of cuts to unionized staff.

"We've done a chunk of out-of-scope and we will be looking to talk to our unions about if there are any potential movements for in-scope as well," Blakley said.