Saskatoon falling death linked to cocaine trade

Twenty-year-old Ahmed Abdi Mohamud plummeted to his death from the balcony of a Saskatoon apartment building this summer following a drug deal gone bad, court documents obtained by CBC News suggest.

Twenty-year-old Ahmed Abdi Mohamud plummeted to his death from the balcony of a Saskatoon apartment building this summer following a drug deal gone bad, court documents obtained by CBC News suggest.

The documents say police believe cocaine trafficking was going on at the Dorchester Towers apartments where Mohamud died.

The police discussed the drug angle to the case in an information used to obtain a search warrant. None of the allegations contained in the documents have been proven in court.

Mohamud died July 20 apparently after falling from an upper floor at the apartment building at 337 6th Avenue North.

Police said at the time they wanted to talk to five men who were seen on surveillance tapes entering and leaving the building around the time of the death.

A source told police he let several men in his apartment that night, recognizing one man as a drug buyer who had been at his apartment before.

"He [the source] did fear for his life as he did feel these guys were there to steal money and drugs," a police detective says in the document.

Later, the men left. The source said he looked over the balcony and saw a motionless body on the ground.

According to the court documents, the video also shows a body hitting the ground while the five men were inside.

Later on the tape, one man can be seen rifling through the pockets of the dead man.

Ryan Waddell, 27, of Saskatoon, was charged with manslaughter last week. Malcolm Herman, 21, appeared in court on the same charge on Thursday.

Police said they made three more arrests on Thursday morning at a home on the 100 block of Grant St.

Each of the three men, ages 23, 27 and 29, will appear in court Friday charged with manslaughter and robbery. They haven't been named.