If you have too much to drink this weekend, volunteers in Saskatoon are willing to drive your car home.

It's called Operation Red Nose and this is the first year the program has been available in Saskatoon.

A team of at least two people will meet you where you've been drinking and they'll drive you home in your car. The service is free, but the Saskatoon Lions Club is asking for charity donations.  All you need is your car and the registration.

Tom Armstrong, a volunteer designated driver, said the program has been a success.

"The younger generations are totally understanding that drinking and driving doesn't mix," Armstrong said. "It surprises me the number of young people that are taking advantage of our service. Older generations, like the one I'm from, never caught on to this."

"Now it's not just drinking either," Armstrong said. "If anyone feels unfit to drive their own vehicle, we're there for them."

Operation Red Nose is available every Friday and Saturday from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. until December 31st. The number to call is 371-7099.

Zero 8 is another option for people who need a designated driver. The company operates in Regina and Saskatoon and charges customers by the distance.