Road closures and detours are plentiful in Saskatoon this summer. ((CBC))

With road construction projects in overdrive, summer has been a season of discontent for Saskatoon motorists.  

Saskatchewan's biggest city is in the middle of an intense period of infrastructure building — the city is doing 40 per cent more construction than it did last year.

The city has shut down 8th Street in several spots. It's twinning Boychuk Drive and Wanuskewin Road and is rebuilding three overpasses on the Idylwyld freeway. There's also work underway on a new bridge, plus regular road repairs and sewer line replacements.

Detours and traffic jams are becoming more common and some motorists are questioning why it's all happening at once.

"It's been impossible," said frustrated driver Nick Fiesel. "It seems every road to everywhere you got to go is under construction."

Fiesel said the city should be concentrating on high priority projects.

"Do that instead of setting up 15 different projects that they're not even working on," he said. "It just seems really un-thought out."

The city is asking motorists to be patient and to slow down in construction zones.

"We do put a lot of thought into where we're doing our closures so that we do impact traffic at a minimal rate," said Chris Hallam, the city's manager of construction design.

"But sometimes you can't get around it and there's going to be delays and there's going to be construction zones."

The extra work is the result of federal stimulus money that only comes through if the city finishes the work before winter, Hallam said. What turned out to be one of the rainiest springs in Saskatoon history has also contributed to the rush to get the summer work done.

"We're about four to five weeks behind on most projects," Hallam said. "We just need to tweak some things ... to make sure we hit the schedules we're looking for."

Another two months of intensive construction are still ahead, Hallam said.