Hockey commentator Don Cherry has added his weight to those pushing for an NHL team in Saskatoon. 

Earlier this month, reports surfaced that a group in Saskatoon was lobbying to have an existing franchise move to the city of 222,000.

Some have ridiculed the idea, arguing that Saskatoon is too small and doesn't have enough corporate sponsors.

But in his Coaches Corner broadcast on Saturday night, Cherry said a Saskatoon franchise was a great idea.

"They are hockey people," Cherry said. "They will sell out in 15 minutes, I'm telling you right now. I guarantee they'd be a success. Get them in."

Cherry says Saskatoon would work because people from the surrounding area would be willing to drive to games.

"You take 80 miles, there's 400,000, right? And you know how they are out west …80 miles means nothing," said Cherry, who called Saskatchewan "the richest province in Canada."

However, a Conference Board of Canada report released last year suggests an NHL team in the city would not work because the market is not big enough.