It is the end of an era for some Saskatoon foodies with a big appetite for home-cooking.

After 14 years in business, Mel's Cafe, a west side comfort food hot spot is closing.

The restaurant was famous among locals for its affordable large portions and relaxed atmosphere.

Mylinda Isaac, owner and operator of the cafe, says she'll miss her customers.

"I enjoy feeding people and if I can have you in and put a nice plate of food in front of you and it doesn't cost you an arm and a leg, and you go out happy, you've had good conversation. What's better than that?"

Isaac moved to Saskatoon 14 years ago from Montreal with the dream of opening a cafe of her own.

She says hanging up her apron will be the toughest part.

"I am going to have to learn to cook small which I am not sure I can do. But, that will be a learning process too."

The restaurant has been sold to a Vietnamese couple and it will be renamed Ling's Cafe.

On Saturday, the bright red street sign came down.

Isaac says she'll stay on at the restaurant for the next two weeks to teach the new owners how to make menu items her way.