Backyard apple trees are common in Saskatchewan and so, at the end of summer, are piles of rotting unused apples.

Now, a Saskatoon group is suggesting that rather than throwing them in the garbage, there's a better way.

Out of Your Tree is a "fruit co-operative" that wants to harvest unwanted urban produce. 

Organizer Danae Taylor has been going door to door in the North Park and Richmond Heights neighborhoods handing out flyers and getting people signed up.

"You know, there's demand for local organic fruit and it's all around us but there's no way to access it right now," she said.

The way it works is that co-op volunteers pick up people's neglected bounty. Volunteers then keep a third of the harvest. Another third goes to the homeowners while the rest will go to charity.

Among those who've signed up is Christine Flynn-James in North Park.

"We've raked up so many dead apples, rotting apples, last fall that we thought it was about time to do something good with them," she said.

The co-op is also getting the word out via a Facebook page. People with Facebook accounts can find the co-op by using the search term "Out of Your Tree in Saskatoon".