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A Saskatoon bar manager says he trains his bouncers and there should be rules for training in Saskatchewan. (CBC)

The manager of the Sutherland bar in Saskatoon, Errin Carruthers, is adding his voice to a call for increased scrutiny over how bouncers interact with drinking customers.

"When there is alcohol involved everything seems to be a bigger problem than it actually is," Carruthers told CBC News Tuesday. "Sometimes things get a bit out of control."

Carruthers said he provides training for his 12 bouncers, who receive instruction on such things as conflict resolution to knowing when to call police when things get out of hand.

"They need to see a problem before it becomes a problem," he said. "They need to be able to assess a situation and diffuse it before it escalates into anything more."

Carruthers' thoughts comes a day after Michelle Kohle, in an interview with CBC News, called on the province to examine ways to improve how bars handle drinking patrons.

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Myles MacIntosh was last seen Feb. 1 on the night of his stag party. (Submitted to CBC)

Kohle's fiancé, Myles MacIntosh, is missing and presumed to have fallen into the South Saskatchewan River on the night of his stag party. On that night, Feb. 1, he was ejected from a bar - not the Sutherland - and was last seen leaving a pub-crawl bus where police allege he was assaulted by a bouncer.

Carruthers said Tuesday it would be in the best interests of owners and customers if some rules covering bouncer training were in place.

CBC News spoke to the owner of the company that runs the pub crawl bus Macintosh was on, who said he too would like to see some regulation of bouncers.

The province says it has no plans to do that.

With files from CBC's Steve Pasqualotto