'Nothing can stop us': Sask. women's cricket team hosts first tournament

Saskatchewan's first women's cricket team held a tournament Saturday.

Players invite more women to get involved

Amily Aziz says playing on a cricket team with other girls was always a dream of hers. (CBC News)

Amily Aziz says she's speechless, but the smile that comes to her face when she talks about playing for Saskatchewan's women's cricket team says it all.

"It's unbelievable," she said Saturday. 

Aziz is part of a growing group of women who have joined the the Titan Divas, the province's first cricket team for women, organized by the Titans Sports and Social Club. 

The team was formed earlier this summer and has since hosted multiple meet-ups and practices. Now, Aziz estimates about 45 women are members — enough that on Saturday, they held their first tournament at Douglas Park. 

"This is reassuring other women they can join us," she said.

Participants were divided up into three separate teams, each headed up by a captain. About 30 spectators watched the games from the sidelines. 

The event was a chance to recruit more players and give women an opportunity to try what was long considered a man's game.

Nisha Dalip moved to Saskatchewan six years ago and recently became a member of Saskatchewan's first women's cricket team. (CBC News)

Nisha Dalip is new to the team, and new to cricket, having only played a few times before. 

"I don't like when there's pressure on you. I was afraid and nervous because you know when to come to cricket and when people are so passionate about it they force up to be good at it," she said Saturday. 

But Dalip's nerves dissipated thanks to the support from other player's who taught her the game's rules and basics of play.

On Saturday, she even served as one of the captains. 

The Titans Divas' slogan is 'one team, one dream.' (CBC News)

"It's amazing seeing women coming out, ladies coming out, children coming out and coming out and watching us and supporting us."

Dalip said her sister has also joined the team, and wants other girls to know they are welcome.

"Soon we will have matches with the boys and we will show them that we also have power, [that] you guys can't dominate us."