Get out your hankies, Rider Nation — demolition is well underway at Regina's Taylor Field. 

Wrecking crews were hard at work Friday tearing down old Mosaic Stadium, the former home of the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the scene of many happy football memories, including the triumphant Grey Cup contest of 2013.

The teardown follows a summer where fans were able to bid on hundreds of pieces of memorabilia from the longtime home of the CFL team.

The city is paying Budget Demolition $2.01 million to deconstruct the facility. 

The work is expected to last until December. After that, the site will need to be rehabilitated into a useable condition so it can be redeveloped into housing and community space — a plan outlined in the Taylor Field neighbourhood project.

This season, the Riders began playing in new Mosaic Stadium, a $278-million facility that's a few hundred metres west of the old site.

Old Mosaic

The city is planning for a mix of housing and community space to be built where Taylor Field once stood. (Matthew Howard/CBC News)

Old Mosaic

Piles of rubble are all that's left of Taylor Field. (Matthew Howard/CBC News)

Old Mosaic

Demolition is expected to be finished in December. (Matthew Howard/CBC News)

Old Mosaic

The city is paying $2.01 million to tear down Taylor Field. (Matthew Howard/CBC News)

Old Mosaic

Much of the stadium's contents, including seats and the artificial turf, had been auctioned off to fans or donated to other sports facilities before the teardown began. (Matthew Howard/CBC News)

Old Mosaic Stadium

The stadium was decommissioned in July and demolition started this month. (Matthew Howard/CBC News)