People in Saskatchewan who thought they had seen the last of winter may have woken up to a surprise Tuesday.

Many areas were blanketed with snow, with some communities seeing as much as 20 centimetres.

More snow is expected throughout the day, particularly in the southeast and east-central parts of the province. Combined with the snow, strong winds were reducing visibility on many routes.

That, combined with existing spring runoff, was making roads treacherous.

At 7 a.m. CST, Highway 1, also known as the Trans-Canada, was closed between Whitewood and Indian Head.

Travel was not recommended on the rest of Highway 1 all the way from Indian Head to Moose Jaw.

Highway 11 was also closed between Regina and Davidson.

Travel was not recommended on secondary highways south and east of Regina as well.

As well, there were a number of smaller secondary roads off Highway 11 that were closed because of snow and slush Tuesday morning.

"It is a real mess," said Anita Friesen, of the province's Highway Hotline. "Merry Christmas, all over again."

Amid slushy conditions, a semi-truck was involved in an accident on Regina's Ring Road.

The semi lost one of its trailers, which slammed into the median ditch and began leaking a red fluid.

Investigators were trying to determine if it contained any hazardous materials.

The crash shut down traffic on the Ring Road between Wascana Parkway and Albert Street.


A semi lost a trailer that crashed on Regina's Ring Road Tuesday morning. (Dani Mario/CBC)