A Saskatchewan school division is refusing to co-operate with the Provincial Auditor, who wanted to know more about its "Promoting Positive Student Behaviour" program.

The auditor's office wanted to do an audit of the South East Cornerstone School Division's program to find out how well it's working.

However, when it asked for records, it got a firm no from the board of education, acting auditor Judy Ferguson said in her latest report, released Wednesday.

"The Board cited its responsibility to protect from public disclosure private and personal information pertaining to students and their families, and a lack of proof of sufficient authority for the Provincial Auditor to access the information as its reasons for the denial," the report said.

The Education Ministry has asked the school board to co-operate with the audit.

The auditor said she's not interested in personal or private information, adding that names and other identifying information can be blocked out.

The most important thing is to find out if the program followed proper procedures and is working as it's supposed to work, the report said.

Elsewhere in the auditor's wide-ranging report, Ferguson noted the province has spent half a billion dollars to develop electronic health records in Saskatchewan, but they are still not complete.

The auditor is also warning about wastewater.

Her report said the government needs to better regulate water after it has been treated and before it is discharged, in time for stricter regulations which come into effect next year.