Regina Police Chief Troy Hagen notes his city is improving, when it comes to the crime rate. CBC (CBC )

A new report from Statistics Canada says Saskatchewan had the biggest decline in its crime rate in 2012, but still had the highest rate among the provinces.

It also had more severe crimes, according a measurement called the Crime Severity Index.

Regina, which had the highest crime rate in 2011, dropped to second spot as its 2012 rate fell by 10 per cent.

Edmonton and Winnipeg were 9th and 10th respectively in terms of crime rates across Canada.

What is the Crime Severity Index?

According to Statistics Canada, the Crime Severity Index is a measure of the relative seriousness of crimes. Each reported crime is given a different weight.

The index that is set at 100 — for all of Canada — with 2006 as a base year.

Crime Severity Index 2012:
  • Regina:  116
  • Saskatoon: 107
  • Canada:  75

Police forces across the country have reported fewer crimes leading to the lowest crime rate, for Canada, since 1972.

"We're making good progress," Police Chief Troy Hagen said Thursday, about the continuing drop in Regina's crime rate. "We consider Regina to be a very safe place to be. We are working very diligently to continue this trend and continue this momentum, moving forward."

Regina also has the highest CSI [Crime Severity Index] in the country, at 116.


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