People buying Saskatchewan Roughrider tickets — or, for that matter, Roughrider flags, Roughrider garden gnomes and Roughrider barstools — will soon be able to pay for them with Roughrider loonies.

The federal cabinet, on the recommendation of the minister of transport, recently approved a one-dollar coin in recognition of the 100th anniversary of the Canadian Football League team.

The order-in-council authorizing the Royal Canadian Mint to produce a one-dollar circulation coin was dated June 10.

No pictures were available, but according to the order, the coin is to be a standard loonie — seven grams of brass-plated nickel — minus the loon.

The Queen's portrait is on one side and a Saskatchewan Roughriders logo is on the other.

There will also be a stylized "100" between the years 1910 and 2010 below the logo.

The order didn't say when the new Roughriders loonie will be issued by the mint.

Royal Canadian Mint spokesman Alex Reeves confirmed the coins will be issued later this year, but he didn't provide an exact date or say how many will be struck.  

The official unveiling will happen in Saskatchewan "in the coming months," he said.

Regina's Barrie Belles, owner of Barrie's Coins and Stamps, said he expects there will be tremendous interest in the Roughriders loonie.

"I'm sure everyone in the province will have to have one," he said. "Across Canada, I think there will be a lot of interest among collectors, too."