RCMP used social media to help find three suspects after a grocery store and gas bar was robbed in Lafleche, Sask.

On Dec. 29, 2015, just after 10 p.m. CST, an alarm went off at the store after what RCMP called a "smash and grab" style theft.

Surveillance video footage showed a pickup truck ram into the side of the building and three suspects run into the store. RCMP said 52 cartons of cigarettes and a lot of hard liquor was taken from the store and thrown into the truck before it took off from the scene.

After the robbery, RCMP released the surveillance video on Facebook and YouTube. Witnesses began to call the RCMP with information about the video and different parts of the crime, which RCMP said helped them identify the suspects.

On Jan. 1, RCMP said they arrested two suspects and search warrants at their residences recovered some of the stolen merchandise. A third suspect was arrested on Jan. 4.

All three suspects will be in provincial court in Assiniboia on Feb. 11.