A new drug, hailed as a breakthrough in the treatment of some forms of cystic fibrosis, is expected to be added to Saskatchewan's list of covered pharmaceuticals.

The drug, which is available by the name Kalydeco can be expensive with costs running to $300,000 per year for a patient.

Kevin Wilson, from Saskatchewan's Ministry of Health, said he expects it will be covered by the province once some paperwork is finalized.

"We're in the process of finalizing the agreement that we have with the manufacturer and then it will proceed to be listed for coverage in the province," Wilson said Tuesday.

Kalydeco is covered in Ontario. Wilson said that is not unusual.

"Ontario is 40 per cent of the market," he said. "So there is incentive for the manufacturer to engage with them first. So we're still working with the manufacturer, but hope to have it covered within the next few weeks."

Wilson estimated that once the drug is covered about three or four people in the province could be in line to actually have prescriptions.