Records are tumbling and mild weather has warmed Saskatchewan up this January.

CBC asked the people of the province to share photos of fun they'd had while enjoying the unseasonably delightful climate. 

Gareth Cook

Gareth Cook shared this gorgerous sunset shot with CBC by sending an email to (Submitted by Gareth Cook)

Tim Yaworski

Tim Yaworski, or @timkipimaging on Twitter, tweeted this photo to @CBCSask of his warm weather sky-gazing. (Submitted by Tim Yaworski)

Submitted by Gareth Cook

Photo by Gareth Cook. (Submitted by Gareth Cook)

Submitted by Krystyna Marie

Krystyna Marie shared photos of how her family has fun during the warm weather by sending photos in a message to CBC Saskatchewan on Facebook. (Submitted by Krystyna Marie)

Submitted by Andrea Lawrence

Photographer Andrew Lawrence dabbled with soap bubbles for this shot. (Submitted by Andrea Lawrence)

Submitted by Krystyna Marie

There's been more than one nice day this January for a horse drawn sleigh ride through a snowy, serene field! (Submitted by Krystyna Marie)

Tim Yaworski

Photo by Tim Yaworski. (Submitted by Tim Yaworski)

ugc Krystyna Marie 6

Krystyna Marie and her family built this horse sleigh for Christmas 2015. (Submitted by Krystyna Marie)

Submitted by Tim Yaworski

Photo by Tim Yaworski. (Submitted by Tim Yaworski)

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