The Saskatchewan Hockey Association says it doesn't agree with Hockey Canada's decision to ban bodychecking for peewee players, but it will follow the new rules.

Hockey Canada voted in favour of the ban Saturday, which mean all kids under the age of 13 will no longer be able to bodycheck during games.

Saskatchewan was the only province to vote against the ban.

"We have always been of the opinion that if you don't want it in your province then you don't need to have it," said Kelly McClintock, the general manager of the Saskatchewan Hockey Association.

"You decide what age group. Unfortunately the rest of the country believes there should be a national standard."

McClintock believes it's important to teach the proper way to bodycheck while the players are young, and size differences are less noticeable.

"We feel that skill should be taught when you're learning how to carry a puck, when you're learning how to skate, and you become aware of your environment," he said.

Despite disagreeing, McClintock said Saskatchewan will respect the new ban, which comes into effect right away.

He said peewee players will still have checking and body contact, just not bodychecking.