Saskatchewan Legislature breaks for the summer

Saskatchewan Legislatures spring session comes to and end.
Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall says the balanced budget was the highlight of the spring session. (Michael Bell/The Canadian Press)

Saskatchewan MLAs are returning home today, as the spring sitting of the legislature wraps up for the summer.

Premier Brad Wall says the most important part of the session was the government’s balanced budget.

“We maintained a balanced budget in the province of Saskatchewan, but one where there is significant infrastructure investments to try to deal with the challenges of growth,” he said Wednesday.

However, opposition leader Cam Broten said the public is much more concerned about health care.

He says people tell him the government isn’t providing the basics.

“Why do I have to have my spouse in a long-term care setting where there isn't enough staff to ensure that she isn't slumped over and that her toe nails aren't curling over?” Broten asked.

Broten said the opposition raised issues in the legislature that the public really cares about, adding the Saskatchewan people would like the government stop spending money on pet projects such as lean management.

The fall session starts on October 22.

with files from Stefani Langenegger